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Avoiding Shotgun Learning

Quite often, developing powerful and meaningful key understandings is an area that teachers struggle with as they create and plan authentic rich task units. This is a critical step that many teachers can gloss over in planning but can make a profound difference to having clear, powerful units that provide great learning opportunities. 

What we have experienced…


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Is Ability Grouping or Streaming Effective?

We have been approached by a number of teachers over the past few months to discuss the value of streaming students in ability groupings as a way of improving performance. There is also a big push amongst education unions to lower class sizes as a way of again improving performance of students. The…


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Success Criteria - the Missing Link in the Learning Partnership?

Most of the teachers I work with, in schools all over Australia, have for some time included Learning Goals or Learning Intentions in their planning and use these with their students. Some teachers use WALT (What Are we Learning Today?) or simply begin with the phrase ‘Today I am learning to...’ In some learning spaces, the Learning Goal has a designated space on a whiteboard or noticeboard so that the students can refer to it as they work. If the learning community is further along on their…


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The 21st Century Planning Process

I have this belief that the planning documents need to lead teachers through the thinking and behaviour you are trying to encourage in them. They are not just to capture information (although this is an important part of the process). How the teachers fill in the documents will tell you a lot about their current thinking.

So when you look at HOW the teachers fill in their current documents, their detail, their use of the current planning documents, and so on ...…


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The Learning Jigsaw

This week's blog comes from Narelle Wood. Narelle is our Australian Curriculum expert and has worked extensively across a range of schools in supporting powerful learning in the literacy and English domain.


An indulgence of mine is jigsaw puzzles. I will sit for hours trying to complete a particular section and it has got to the stage where I have sat at the table for 2 days…


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Resources Issue

For those of you in the wider world who don't get a chance to catch all of our newsletters I thought I would include this quick blog post to capture some of the resources that have dropped off our web page which might be useful for you. We are consistently researching and developing ideas, resources, thinking, viewpoints, templates, workshops as we work with schools. We rarely have the time to make them available to everyone (although you can buy our Resource CD from the shop which…


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Opinions, Beliefs and the Importance of Context

The following is an except from my book Exceptional that will be published later this year. For those of you who are first time readers - welcome. For those of you who are constant readers - welcome back for 2012!

Everyone has an opinion about education. I do. You do. Kids do. Parents do. Grandparents do. Teachers do. Politicians do. The media…


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The Gamification of Education: What School Can Learn from Video Games

The Gamification of Education: What School Can Learn from Video Games

By Terry Heick,

So recently this idea of “gamification”[i] has been jumping around in my head. There’s something simultaneously immature and brilliant about it, but I haven’t been sure exactly what.

First, the easy part.

As with all media forms, video games have long lived in isolation. As primarily an…


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A Teacher's Story

I was at a teacher’s conference recently and I heard Helen Smith of Mater Christi College in Victoria share the following story. I thought it was quite inspiring, moving and indicative of the journey that teachers have taken and continue to take in practicing their craft.


Helen Smith – Mater Christi College

When I was a young teacher

I did as everyone else did.

I wrote worksheets by hand and

ran them off on a roneo or gestetner

or I…


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Building High Performance Schools - Structures and Non-Negotiables

This past week of visiting a range of schools has reinforced my perception about the critical importance of structures and non-negotiables in creating a powerful learning and working environment.

In everything we do as individuals we have habitual ways of operating, thinking, and organising ourselves. They are so habitual that we are unconscious to them. In fact, it is just part of how our brains operate efficiently - making the…


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Developing 21st Century School Leadership

I have realised over the past 6 months how few schools are actually clear about what their long term vision is. Part of the impact of this lack of vision and disciplined building of this vision is that schools can quite often be focussed on things that disperse their power and ability. They become like a thirsty person wandering in the desert – going from one mirage to the next. Teachers become inured to change and morale can suffer.

In an increasingly competitive educational and…


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